Using Kaplan Schweser 2012 for 2013

Masters of the universe,

Do you think it is fine to use Kaplan Schweser 2012 for CFA III 2013 ? Has anyone tried using old schweser notes for last year?

I’m using 2012 Schweser materials.

As best I can tell, only one Study Session has changed, and that’s the one on Corporate Governance. I’m not even sure how much it changed. Even though the LOS’s changed, I’m not sure if the underlying concepts did.

Just so you know how out-of-date the CFA curriculum is: the UMIFA (Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act) was replaced in 2006 by another standard, the PMIFA or something. Maybe one of these days, CFAI will stop changing the curriculum just to change the curriculum, and actually improve it.