Using "Meh"

Every time I see someone respond with a “Meh…” I cringe. What are you, 12?

Cue the smart asses responding to this with “Meh…”



meh is usually the key word I use before I get crucified by a girl before we go out, sometimes it comes out as grunt or just a ‘yes’ that is not strong enough for the situation in case. “how do I look” - meh #youjustscrewedthewholenight but then like 50% of chicks get it - and they brush it off like maybe I should change and maybe you’re not degrading the way I look sort of thing. I dated one chick that was really into style and in fashion school and I would literally meh her to death and she was down with it and just dressed up in hotter outfits, so that was good.

we got a regular Casanova over here with his negging moves

I hope you took advantage of this opportunity to just see how slutty you could get her to dress using words. bchad probably could have got it down to tape.

You guys are overusing my stuff.

Meh and yawn ans shrug are classic PA moves. Now I need to design new ones. angry

Can the new move be the silent treatment?

One-liner of the year, right there

Yeah, design new stuff. Don’t try to be cute. To be cute undermines your otherwise spot-on, I-live-in-my-mother’s-basement-with-an-E*Trade-account sociopath online identity that you’ve so carefully curated. Don’t disappoint us, man.

surprise LMAO laugh

That was good, this guy has me nailed. I need to work on a new character.

“Meh” makes me cringe every time I hear it, but isn’t that the point of the word? It’s basically saying “I don’t even care enough to use a word like ‘moist’.”

Meh is great! The point is to trivialize extremism. To counter overzealousness with not giving a damn.

Only the trivial trivializes that beyond their comprehension.

Careful now. You’re going to get Sweep’s panties moist.

Did you catch then “moist” comment a few episodes back in WestWorld? I thought of STL at that moment…



I know we had a moist discussion earlier, and there is research that was presented, but I can’t remember what it actually concluded about why moist of us cringe at “moist.”

I wonder if it is because the muscles we use to form the word seem to be the same ones we use when one is disgusted by a taste or an odor. So that similarity in muscular feeling carries along that feeling of disgust, even if we are just asking someone to use some moisturizer or something like that.

Agree MOIST is a pretty disgusting word.

Especially chicks seem to hate the word, I have theories about that, but not rated PG. laugh