Using old CFAI exams

I have exams that date back to 2000. Anyone have any insight on if some of these older exams might be useless now? How far back should I go in using these things? Thanks in advance.

Level I & II you’d be ok…but the III…well, there are many subtle changes each year because this level is more qualitative and not quant…so with the III, use them, but be careful you’re reviewing proper material… The obvious questions would still be applicable…(preparing IPS for institutional and individual investors)…not sure what other material has changed little over the years…

IPS are very relevant even for older papers… without them, I don’t think that you will have a comprehensive set of examples for the IPS section of Level III.

some of the CFAI text book chapter end questions are from 2006 exam.

Absolutely use them… but less for the specific material tested but rather for the opportunity to challenge yourself and pull from your knowledge and draft an intelligent response. Very important.

For the IPS, it’s very important that you know how to answer the questions for each Institution… e.g. Banks, Insurance Companies, etc. By delving into the older exam papers you can definitely collate a comprehensive example list for each of those Institutions. This is a very good opportunity to score easy marks…

Dumb question: How do you get the old exams?

Richard Zhang has them on his website

Is this website password protected?


Am I the only one that has this problem? When I copied and pasted this link in my browser, and clicked on the Download button for the “CFA Level III Past Exams”, it asks me for a “sign in name” and “password”…are you seeing the same screen?

I think you just need to register on his site, its free.

Got it. Thank you, volkovv.

volkovv Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Richard Zhang has them on his website > > Thanks dude.