Using pencil to answer the essay?

Hi guys, Can I use pencil instead of pen? I still curious about this… Thanks, Lee

I mean for the AM essays


Hi Xtra, Have U tried and any deduction of marks? Thanks, Lee,1230710,1231816#msg-1231816

CFAI website says blue or black ink - it says nothing about pencils.

I dont see why you cant use pencils shun

From CFAI: Thank you for contacting us about Level III. We prefer that you write your answers to the constructed response questions in ink; however, the graders will certainly grade any answers you write in pencil. Writing in pencil will not affect your exam grade. I hope this is helpful. Regards,

I wrote my 2009 exam in blue ink and failed I wrote my 2010 exam in pencil and passed It was only when I thought about it recently I reached an epiphany: the difference between a pass and a fail was my writing instrument.

Erasable ink pens! These are the best:

pencils shun, im coming strapped to the testing room with 10 of em