using Stalla June 2009 material for Dec. 2009

I have the enhanced Stalla system for the June 2009 exam. I failed the exam pretty badly, band 4, not feeling to good about it. but I did well on ethics, equity, and quantitative, I know I had a lack of preparation, with work and school it was just too much. but towards the end I felt prepared and I feel motivated and confident I will pass this time. My question is, will using the same material for the June 2009 exam work for the December 2009 exam. I’ve read the institute does not do too many changed for the same year, but make significant changes year to year. any thoughts or warnings on using the June material for December? I hardly opened and used the “mock exam and review” and the practice exam work books. I would like to use these to the fullest this time. my thought is to the use the June 2009 material (notes, pass master question banks, lectures) and purchase the addition exams from schweser for the Dec. 2009 exam. thanks so much for any input and this time around I am going to use AF to the fullest. all of you are very knowledgeable and helpful.