Using the Calculator to solve payback period

Is there an easy way to use your calculator to solve problems such as the below??

An analyst identifies the following cash flows for an average-risk project:

Yr 0 -$5,000

yr1-2 $1,900

yr3 $2,500

yr4 $2,000

If the company’s cost of capital is 12%, the project’s discounted payback period is closest to:

A. 2.5 years

B. 3.0 years

C 3.9 years

What about the BAii plus?

You should have gotten the professional model, despite the need of strong fingers!

Not many steps. You have enough time to work on it.

yeah it probably saves 30 seconds using the calculator. pretty straightforward to do by hand

My thought on it is I’ll spend way more time learning how to do it on the calculator than is worth it, and be 25% less sure on my answer and have to do it twice on the calculator. Rather do it on paper.

Well, it all comes down to personal preferences, right? I make far more mistakes by hand than with my calculator. And I prefer to save some time on the calculations, since time is an issue during the exam. But if you don’t master your calculator there is really no point - especially a week before the exam!