using the schweser 2008 to prepare for the june 2009 cfa level 1 exam

Is it possible to use the 2008 schweser book to study for the june 2009 exam? I read on the cfa website that they make changes to the curriculum every year. For instance, for 2009 exams, there will only be 3 answers to the multiple questions, instead of four. So does anyone know if the the schweser 2008 still usable for june 2009 exam? thanks

if you go on stalla’s website and manage to navigate it, you will find the appropriate changes from 08 to 09. thus you could use scheweser 08 notes, but be aware of the changes and use the cfai text for the changes. gd luck!

thanks for your help. i found the page where they talk about the differences between 2008 and 2009 exams. here are the details if anyone is interested. New Accounting Readings – SS#9 • Stress differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS • New Accounting Readings SS #10 • Manipulation of the cash flow statement •Warning signs of accounting irregularities • Sunbeam and Enron scandals • New edition of Economics text • New treatment of macro • Monetary policy mechanics • Monetary policy rules and goals • New reading on central banks • New Reading in Alternative Investments • Investing in commodities • Many other smaller changes at LOS level All multiple choice – 3 choices (instead of 4 like before) hope it helps. good luck everyone!

Try this… I got 2009 Schweser notes. The 1st link has book 3 notes. To get the other ones, download them from the 2nd site (its quicker).

thanks i already downloaded the ebook version of the 5 books. Nonetheless, i already bought the schweser cfa level 1 5 book set from this supplier in hong kong for $150 usd. it certainly beats buying straight from kaplan. lol

wcs1885 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Try this… I got 2009 Schweser notes. > > The 1st link has book 3 notes. To get the other > ones, download them from the 2nd site (its > quicker). > > > -2009-level-1_06.html > > > 4d2db6fb9a8902bda Book 3 seems to have missing pages from 181 onwards.

Yea, I noticed some missing pages too. Figured I would sub those in with the CFA books. If you go to the website on the top left of the notes, they have 4 full morning/afternoon exams. They’re obviously not the same format as the 2009 will be (4 answer options vs 3). Book 2 is missing a few pages too - towards the end. I guess… its better than nothing for free notes, eh? :slight_smile:

kane.rao, where do you get the books?! I’ve been looking around. You got a website or something? Email addresss?

you guys might want to give Ethics a read…

i am not sure if the supplier has any left because the books i bought from him were legit and the only reason why he is selling them is because he is not taking the exam anymore. for those who want more information, my email address If you have any questions, i will do my best to help you out. good luck preparing for cfa level 1 guys!

also, i agree with jut111 with regards to “downloading the ebook version of schweser notes 2009”, hence “ethics” part of the exam personally guys, i don’t think its worth it considering you already paid over 1k for the exam, you really don’t want to take the risk of getting missing or misleading info. plus the quality of the material is really bad. you might as well just get it from kaplan or get it from someone who wants to sell it. i deleted the ebook versions because its like what jut11 said: unethical and the risk/return wasn’t really worth it for me.

I’ve seen the ebook and it prompted me to buy the real thing instead. The ebook quality is abysmal at best with several pages missing. Plus, you won’t find book 6 & 7 (the mock test book) - which for me is the most important of Schweser’s series. Just go out there and shell out another 500-600 for the book. The online/downloadable QBank is worth it.