Using the TI BA 2 Pro for 360/30 day instruments

Obviously the calculator is set for 365 days per year: How do I use it to compute PVs and FVs for 30/360 day instruments eg Swaps and FRAs? Currently when I use it I get a slightly inaccurate result (3rd and 4th decimal). The only time it is 100% accurate is when n=1 ie 360 days. Any suggestions? Jay Level 2 candidate.

Can someone answer this: pretty pleaseā€¦!

you need to use a. either the STO and RCL functions to store you 30/360 numbers or b. use brackets and do the calculationsā€¦ e.g. 1 + 0.035*30/360 --> 1 + (.035*30/360) = 1.002916667