Using the wrong study note??!

I will be taking level I in December. When I placed my order for study notes I ordered the June 2010 Schweser notes, and two days ago I finally opened the first book to start studying. I just realized today, while browsing the Schweser site, that a December 2009 version of the study note is actually available. Does anyone know if there’s a material difference between the December 2009 version and the June 2010 version? I am not planning to dig into that huge stack of CFAI books with twenty something days left, so the Schweser notes are the only source I will study from. Would I be okay to use the June 2010 version to study for next month’s exam?

You should be fine I would assume. When I placed my order literally seconds before I hit the send button I saw that I had ordered 2010 as well. You should be alright though. I dont think CFAI is going to make any radical changes between now and next L1.

The content is almost entirely the same bro. Time to dig in!