Utilities Model Request

Hey fellow AFers, I have an interview this Friday for a corporate finance role. The company is a large utilities company, specifically dealing with electricity. Alright so I’ve been told I will have a 3 hour Excel modeling test on top of approximately 1.5 hours of interviews. I’ve created a couple models in Excel before through WSP. So obviously I have very little experience. I was wondering if someone could send me a sample model of a utilities company to the email below. I greatly appreciate any help in advance. Ah forget it. Here’s the ticker: EIX. If you have actual models of this company specifically or any research reports, please send them over. mindlikewater8@gmail.com

Sorry I don’t have any models but I’ll shoot you over some research reports in the morning.

Is your fulltime job attending job interviews?

JOE2010 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is your fulltime job attending job interviews? Well, I really really want out of my position. I’ve wanted out from the time I read the job description before I even interviewed here. Unfortunately the world exploded and jobs disappeared. If anyone has a model of this company, please do send it over. Thanks!

Oh Chuckrox. Thank you! I dont have any need for research reports now. But a model would still be very helpful.

is WSP good at all? I have 0 experience with excel’s and plan to improve by working on VBA programming over the next year. Sorry - I have few friends in Consolidated Edison (ED), but no models.

I think the best idea would be to go through the 10ks and read analyst reports, and then build your own model from scratch.