Vacation Time

What is your company’s policy on vacation time, specifically unused? Do you get paid out for it, roll it over, lose it, etc? What do you/would you prefer?

Use it or lose it. You only get paid for it if you leave the firm.

Use it or lose it here as well. Personally I like the ability to roll it over which I had in my previous position.

We can carry some days over, to be used in the first quarter of the next year. If not used, its lost.

Rolled over, but prob no chance you’d have any left. Paid if you leave the company.

doworkson Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Rolled over, but prob no chance you’d have any > left. Paid if you leave the company. Why is that? You don’t get that many? We actually get paid out for them, but it’s tough because we don’t really get many of them, and sick days are included in the comprehensive PTO plan

Friday is my last day as I have taken a position in a different firm. I have 10 days of vacation and I think something like 9 days of personal/sick time that I never used. I dont get one god damn red penny for any of it. Such BS.

similar deal as many other firms. carry over max 5 days into first quarter of the year following. paid out only if leaving firm. i guess the preference would be to get paid out for all unused, but not likely to happen… sorry to hear that jb, but possibly you don’t get paid for remaining days because you haven’t earned(accrued) them for the current year yet? i mean, it’s pretty early in the year… when i resigned from my former firm in september, i had ten days vaca unused remaining, but only got paid out for five days as the last five days i had not “earned” yet- seeing that it was only september.

we get 4 weeks a year, of which two you can roll over into the next year. plus we get every second friday off. working for an oil company has its perks…

I top out at 2 weeks. We dont even get Good Friday off. The mkt is closed but the banks are open so we have to be here. Makes no sense. They told me it was in their policy to not pay out any unused days…no matter the circumstance. I should have taken a two week vacation and told them the day before my vacation started that I was putting in my two week notice. Ah well…im outta here in 3 days.

You want vacation time? Go teach third grade, public school.

Or Europe… 4 weeks for the Swiss to start. (diesel, i get a coffee break under 12 days.)

What is Boiler Room? wipe that silly smile of your face trabeck (in my best sean connery voice)

Turkish slipping in the Boiler room quote. I get a bank of 20 PTO days. However they do actually accrue monthly. You get paid out for all you accrue if you leave early.So for instance if you worked until June but used all 20 you would owe 10 back. We can roll over 5 days. Also if you are a CFA candidate taking the exam you have a choice, 3 extra PTO days (which I used for L1) or you can take a live class (taking Stalla for L2). Overall I can’t complain with the PTO package. I do have a close friend that works as a hedge fund accountant. He gets 7 weeks. Absurd.