Vacation withdrawal

How long does it usually take you guys to get back to business? It usually takes me a few days but for some reason it’s been over a week now and I’m still tired, in a funk and confused (where to go from here in life/career/relationship).

My only real vacation last year was the 2nd week of December, so I came back to work for 3 days, didn’t do anything, and went on vacation again for the company wide Christmas shutdown.

I’m in a funk personally, but really happy at work.

depends on the amount of time off.

1 - 2 week off = a couple of days to get back into it

2 weeks or more = 1 week to get back into it properly.

Welcome to my whole life man. I go off and do crazy shit that removes me from my routine each weekend and never seem to settle into the comfort my coworkers have with the routine. Maybe the reality is your real life isn’t where it should be (or mine either) and stepping away from the novacaine of routine is waking up the need for change.

That’s a great question.

How long can you stay in that phase before making the change? It’s been a week and it’s killing me.

Oh man, this sounds so true in my case too. But it all depends on how good the holiday was, including the weather. For example, I stay miserable for a week after coming back to a cold, wet and grey London from an extotic holiday in the southern hemisphere.

But in any case, coming back from a holiday longer than a week invariably leads to an existential dilemma that lasts a few days.

^ I’m with my man BS here! I’m a single, good looking, very disease free bachelor and enjoy ripping it up every single weekend. This includes things as running races, volunteering, mentoring, lifting, bars, clubs, and BBQs. I feel very blessed to have all that I do.

FT, what gives man? Add a little color regarding what you mean, “Where to go from here in life/career/relationship/MBAvsCFA/etc.”

Beats me FT. I guess it all depends on the individual, I’ll let you know if I ever get my own crap figured out!

It’s not the vacation it’s your problems. You probably had these feelings before you left on vacation and the problems just waited until you got back.

I think it depends on your job. If you’re in a ho-hum job, with neverending loads of meaningless work, caught in a hamsterwheel with no thanks, then it will probably take a long time.

When I was in the CPA tax practice, every engagement was different, and it was easy to take ownership in your work. So I was actually eager to get to work every Monday, even if it was after vacation.

If you’re having trouble getting back into it after a week, maybe you need to look for a new job.

^After your intro paragraph, Greenman72, followed by the connecting phrase “When I was in the CPA tax practice”, I thought you’re setting the stage for a powerful example of infinitely mind-numbing job-related boredom precipitating a severe case of vacation withdrawal, but what an unexpected twist! Hacksaw is in the eye of the beholder.

Ditto. But I’ve never done it, so maybe it’s not as bad as I’m led to believe.

Maybe it’s just the football offseason effect, FT. September looks so distant these days.

Going to be a very exciting year within the SEC. I think this may be the most legitimate contenders I’ve seen within the conference in the past 10 years.

I’m just back from the Philippines…sitting at my desk, being tan, can’t even remember what I do here.

Coffee not helping.

Nice. The best is when you get confused trying to use your key card on your first day back.

When I was in Big 4 audit, every day felt like I was dying a slow painful death. The month of January felt like a year. If greenie likes it, so be it. Man I sure hated that job. But I actually have tax friends at the firm that say they enjoy the work. I think tax is more interesting than audit. Audit is mindless busy work generally just to say you did it. Tax is more project driven with an end goal of reducing tax liability. Better than just rubber stamping financials, which although CPAs will say that isn’t what they do, we would spend a significant amount of time figuring out how to not do additional work and be ok with what the company did unless it was actually wrong.