Vacationing before Exam

Hi all,

Fiance and I are thinking about doing seven nights in Cuba early April, but not sure if it’s too close to the exam or not. Went to Mexico last year in February and passed L2 in June. Studied 1-2 hours every day in the morning before hitting the beach and all was fine.

What are your opinions on the matter? Anyone taking a trip that close to the exam before?

Before you ask: No, I cannot go earlier or after the exam. Would have to wait until 2016 if I don’t do it.

I took a trip to Asia towards the end of April and got back to the U.S. early May. I told myself I would study during the trip, but I was jetlagged and wasted a lot of time drinking and being stupid. I passed level 1 in June. I don’t see how taking a trip early April would make a large impact. Couldn’t you just study while vacationing? You won’t be very jetlagged cause you’re from Canada…

Not sure if my situation should be compared to yours though because i’m sure a lot of people could have done what I did since it was only level 1…

Personally, I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so close to the exam. The whole time, I’d be thinking, “Man, I really need to be studying right now.”

And if you fail in 2015 (in part, because you were vacationing instead of studying), then you’ll be right back here in this same boat (no pun intended) next year.

If it were me–save your vacation days for the week before the exam. Study as much as you can that week. Nail L3 in June 2015, then enjoy your vacation in 2016.

Agree with this.

I took off 3 days before my FRM exam to go golfing. While golfing was fun, I started freaking out afterwards and regretting taking the time off.

Dont do it. You will regret it if you fail…which you very well might. April-May are the most crucial in my opinion. I think one can take up to middle of march off and still make it, but all of April should be hardcore studying. If your fiance pushes for it…you go…and you fail…you will resent her. Just pass L3 and then enjoy the rest of your life. I’m thinking of going in May for the long weekend…because now I can since I’m done with the exams :slight_smile:

Don’t do it. This is the period for sacrifice. Tell the high maintenance GF to wait a year.

BTW how did you pass L2 yet your profile says L2 candidate?

I did a similar thing for level 2 and passed. Spent time on the beach studying.

^I guess it worked for you.

But my personal opinion is that if you’re studying on the beach, you’re either a.) not studying hard enough, or b.) not enjoying your vacation enough.

I like to vacation when I vacation, and work when I work and never the twain shall meet.

^ +1 Well said.

Thanks for the comments. I studied last year about 10 hours for the seven days we were there, plus 3 hours on each plane ride. Realistically that’s about how much I would study if I was working that week. Also forgot to mention that I would lose my vacation week if I don’t take it.

The woman shall decide.

^ You’re not even married yet and she’s already making major life decisions for you? Clearly the “k” in kjames doesn’t stand for king.

Take the trip – but also be disciplined about getting in some quality study time while you’re there.

That’s a good point.

Or he could take the week off closer to the exam and study.

^That’s what I would do, there are people in that testing room that are doing that. I wasn’t about to let them have an edge on me.

that’s fair

Yup. I took a week and a half from my vacation time to pass it.

Let’s be honest here. There is a problem here because a gf is involved. She seems to be putting pressure (whether directly or indirectly) to make this trip happen and the OP seems compelled (to the point of trying to rationalize reasons) to not dissapoint her.

While this is a valid point, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. She wants me to pass more than I do and if said no to the vacation she wouldn’t give any fuss at all.

I’ve also taken two weeks off before the exam to cram in some extra studying. Three would just be overkill.

I wouldnt do it OP. April + May are the most crucial months imo (the ones you actually practice a lot).