Vaccination Question

Did your work ask if you’re vaccinated?

I got an email from work this week and they asked us to fill out a form about vaccinations. They said that while we are not required to get the vaccine in order to return to the office, we are required to tell them if we’re vaccinated or not.

I declined to answer on mine (it was an option), but I get the heebie jeebies man about all this.

Cuz hell nah i ain’t getting no vaccine.

I don’t recall if work asked, but they know who isn’t.

You an anti vaxxer now?

Why aren’t you getting the vaccine? No judgement here; I decided just the other day to get it because I think the overall risk of not getting it is bigger than potential long term side effects of the jab.

Because to me health is more than one dimensional about if you got the vaccine or not.

Yeah but shouldn’t your decision be based on your risk analysis between 1) taking the vaccine and maybe getting some unexpected side-effects down the road and 2) most likely getting infected, surviving it with a 99,9999% probability but maybe suffering for a long time of long corona symptoms?

corona is much better than getting dos equis. ora le

There’s just other reasons why I trust my bodies ability to fight off corona without a vaccine.

Just be honest man. You’ve seen the research on how COVID infection negatively impacts brain functioning. And you want to be able to fully APE in stocks YOLO like. Cerebral crotex be damned

Wait, I’m not going to live forever?


i’ve gotten covid and i think my post-brain got much bigger.

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Based on the quality of your posts, I’m not so sure I would agree. Need more data.


I’ve been asked if I wanted it for the purpose of at-work vaccination (similar to mobile blood drives), but not whether or not I’ve actually been vaccinated.

Will that translate into higher CAGR?

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