Valid forms of ID

For those of you who have taken the exam, can you provide an example regarding the two forms of ID? I emailed the CAIA and they still would not provide an example but did say a drivers license and credit card combo would suffice. At this time I do not have a passport. # Please remember to bring two (2) valid forms of identification to the testing center at the time of your exam. Both forms of identification must have your signature, and one of the two must have your photo. The CAIA Association’s preferred primary form of identification is a valid passport. You will not be allowed into the testing center without the proper identification. # The name on your IDs must exactly match the name with which you schedule your exam. If it does not, you may not be permitted to enter.

Alright, I’ve verified. A driver’s license and credit card will be acceptable.

I used passport + driver’s license.

I used statutory passport and foreing passport