Validity of 300hours score estimates on resume?

So when we go to 300 hours and type in our Level 3 results we get a score along with “this score was better than xxxx% of candidates in our database.” Ethically I’m at a loss, are these scores something we can include on the resume?

You can, but I would think it violates CFA ethics. This is how you compare to a sample, not the population. And like the CFAI says, there is no difference between two passing candidates and that is why they don’t give your exact score. You can only report facts, not statistically significant observations.

Even if it was allowed (which I highly doubt), why would you want to include in the resume? Better than saying got >70% on all topics but still stupid imo.

If CFAI started to release official stats saying like you are in the 99th percentile, then yes I can see some value in including it, but not from a blog with unverified methodologies.

Do not put this on your resume.

That’s not quite the correct question to ask. What you should ask is whether a statement belongs to “technically allowed” or “being a douchebag”. Your proposed statement looks like it belongs in both. Potential employers don’t usually like douchebags, just saying.

A) why do you care?

B) saying you were in the 99th percentile would likely mislead people into thinking you’re a better investor simply because of your score. The CFAI has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Message received guys - not going to include it. Some of you guys are a little better on ethics than me it appears.

Just to answer your question jmsp: my maximum possible score was very high compared to others here in the forum. Just looking for ways to stand out, and for someone reading a resume I think it would sound pretty good to see. That being said, ethically it seems unacceptable and I do not plan on doing so anymore after your (and other) responses

*Insert curse word of your choice*

look at it this way - how exactly would an interviewer - say he/she is also CFA charter holder … feel, looking at this on resume? They would immediately figure out it is some sort of shady stat.

If it comes out during the convo withn the interview, you can work that in, you did very well in such and such area, and passed with average of 70% or whatever.