Valuation Positions

I have an interview for the following position: Our practice provides companies with objective, independent, and defensible opinions of value that meet both market and regulatory requirements. We combine accounting expertise with leading valuation and corporate finance techniques to fulfill even the most sophisticated financial reporting needs. Because we understand the regulatory subtleties, we are adept at developing strategies to meet our clients’ objectives within that framework. We constantly monitor changing regulations and regularly provide our input to the Financial Accounting Standards Board as they develop implementation guidance and new financial reporting rules with valuation implications. Our Valuation Advisory Interns work on a variety of assignments, including business enterprise valuations, purchase price allocations, intellectual property valuations, stock option valuations, fairness opinions and dispute consulting. Responsibilities Include: Research – Performing in-depth industry, market and competitor research. Analysis – Performing valuation analysis on a wide range of public and private entities using all accepted and relevant approaches and theory. Model Building - Designing financial models for discounted cash flow, market multiple, intangible asset, and option pricing analyses. Client Interviewing – Participating in client interviews and meetings while gathering data and information pertinent to the engagement. Report Writing – Assisting with presenting the results of our analysis in a clear and concise manner. Business Development – Contributing directly to the development of proposals, presentations and publications communicated to prospective clients Would anyone care to comment about this position (i.e., hours, salary, exit opportunities)? The position is based in the greater NYC area. Thanks

Is this at the analyst level or associate?

Not sure…whichever is more junior

Is this at a big 4 accting firm, regional accting firm, or independent valuation firm?

this is a small firm.

If you’re doing client interaction and business development, it’s not that junior.

This sounds like a typical BV role, but it is a bit surprising that you would potentially be valuing public companies if this is in fact a small firm.

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