Value of 1st attempt passers Vs 2nd

What is the view here… In the job market / professional circles is the value of cfa 1ist attempt pass candidates more than 2nd/3rd attempt pass candidates?


In the job market:

  • If it happens to be one’s first or second job ,it does matter; If not, hardly is of much importance.

  • If one has worthy experience (experience which proves high degree of relevance for the job and possess high-level of expertise) by the time he/she gets the Charter no one really bothers either way in the interview or later;

-If it is a entry / switching to investment/ finance field from another field /specialisation, it does count provided the applicant is able to prove his/her application knowledge/skill of what is needed of him (I have seen a few 2/3rd attempts respond far more to the point, convincingly and correctly than the 1st attempt ones while recruiting!)

  • In any case it sounds impressive if skillfully highlighted in cv - at least gets better glance, if not attention. In most cases the recruiter is interested first in the nature and depth of the experience as the foremost criteria along with CFA qualification unless of course one is there by grace of networking).

In professional circles:

  • It gets attention mostly for the first time (and then some may remain impressed, most forget!).

  • In academic circle (if one is from academics) it does matter immensely. If projected skillfully one may even get significant credit for it.

does not matter.

and if you put passed on 1st attempt on the resume, it looks douchy.

you can say it during the interview if the CFA program comes up, that’s ok.

I think you sound really douchey…but yeah, I failed level 1 the first time, so yeah.

It must have come from the questions of the practice exam in ethics.

Just because it doen’t violate anything does not mean you should put it there.

hmm… people rarely ask how many times did you attempt, from my experience.

there are probably some bragging rights and advantages to first attempt passers, but i haven’t experienced anything special.

I agree. No one really asked me how many times. But I do think it is douchey. No one cares how many times you failed when you have the charter. We are all in the same boat after passing all exams. Doesn’t make you a better charterholder than someone who failed a couple of times. You don’t know the person’s reason for failing could be something going on his life.

I passed on my first attempt and I would never volunteer that information to employers. There is a balance between rightfully advertising the CFA, and making it look like it’s by far the best thing you have going for you.

I dont see where OP suggested puttint it on the resume. He asked about value. I would value people who were able to pass 3/3 over someone who squeaked in taking 10 years to pass 3 simple exams. speaks volumes. granted i may never know unless I ask and if the person tells the truth so it all might be moot.

That too, you can’t really verify how many times people have actually taken the exams, so why bother asking as an employer?

I think if you put it on the resume it looks like you try very hard to let people know you are smart instead of showing actual confidence.


If someone really cared, they could verify fom the dates on the test results (my current employer asked for my emails for proof of the exams I had passed), unless someone failed level 1 more than once of course.

well, now that i think about it, someone could take a break…

The only value is that you have more time to focus on other endeavors rather than the CFA exam. I haven’t ever talked to anyone that asked about how long it took to pass the exams (excluding these boards of course).

Okay, they can only verify that you have passed the exams, but still not the number of attempts though.

Say they ask you to provide with all 3 “congratulations” emails, you just provide them with the 3 emails, but you don’t necessarily have to send them other emails when you failed. so… how can they verify??

No difference.

I can verify mine because I have zero gaps. I can’t speak for someone who took breaks. L1 December 11, L2 June 12, and L3 June 13, all congratulations.

If someone really wants to bust my balls, I’ll pull up the original receipt and show the one-time enrollment fee for first time takers.

That’s exactly my point, unless you take no gap, and send all original emails to your employer then perhaps you can verify that you have passed all exams on first attempt.

But who’s going to ever request that???

If an employer asks for such proof, i would NOT be working for him/her… it’s just so pathetic!!!

Yah, if someone asked that, you can pretty much imagine what your time working there will be like.

On that topic, at my prior job selling cars, they asked me for detailed records on every car I sold for the last like… 6 mo, to see how much gross I was bringing in before they’d hire me (very unreasonable but i complied, it was a presigious dealer). I don’t think I could have passed those test and broke into finance if it wasn’t for the amount of hate i had for that job and industry.

anyone requesting you have to pass on the 1st attempt is a dbag.

Mygos - Thanks and very well categorised and explained!