Value of a Rotman MBA...any canadians please reply?

Analysis of the job market is huge. Toronto is small compared to other financial hubs, the fact that Rotman nearly tripled their MBA class in the last few years makes me weary. The majority of Ivey, Rotman, Schulich and Queen’s grads want to work in either Toronto or Vancouver but there’s only so many jobs.

While the market isn’t great, it is improving. Also, the school’s employment stats are up significantly this year (when compared to the past two years). The school and it’s brand will open doors for you, but you will have to hit the street and network.

That being said, if you want to work in Finance in Canada, Rotman should be the only school you target.

Rotman is highly regarded in Canada… especially in Toronto for finance folk

I know

Are they analysts or associates?

What street? Canadian streets?

Bay Street.