Value of a Rotman MBA...any canadians please reply?

I just want to know how good is the value of a Rotman MBA in Canada? What are the job prospects of a CFA level III pass and MBA from Rotman in Canada? Please reply

It’s all in the internships in an MBA. Rotman is #1/2 in Canada.

What do you want to do afterwards? what is your experience?

MBAs in Canada are not a golden ticket, and certainly not for all immigrants.

-100 to 0 value.

I don’t know anything about Rotman, but check out the employment statistics over the past few years. That should give a good read of just how well that school stacks up. Also, getting a good sense of where a good chunk of alumni work would be helpful.

For example, if you’re looking for buy-side jobs in the US, the only schools really worth your time are H/S/W, Columbia and Booth; after those, the stats get less impressive. LBS in London is also comparable to Columbia and Booth per placement.

not sure about their MBA program but a friend of mine is U of T undergrad and he is doing well for himself in Toronto. I believe U of T is top ranked in Canada and top20 in the world. Most of the U of T grads I have met (only 3) they are all doing well in finance - well as in front office either in Canada or in the US.

Non-traditional background…want to go to IB or finance related fields…


I’m a recent Rotman MBA graduate. The value is excellent. It will open a lot of doors for you.I come from a background very similar to yours and had passed all three levels before I started the program. I had a lot of interviews and managed to land myself a solid FT gig.

PM me if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help.

great work Canuck!! I would imagine MBA from U of T would be infinitely much better than CFA alone or some other masters program given the sheer number of bigshots from U of T in Canada. Network alone is enough to pay the tuition.

I wouldn’t call it better than the CFA. They are both very different programs. The CFA gives you a lot of credibility on the street whereas the MBA gives you access to a network.

Rotman took almost every IB (internship and full time) position in Canada during the two years that I was at the school. We could however, do a lot better stateside. Even outside capital markets, Rotman is probably the only Masters level program to consider in Canada

yeah makes sense. my buddy really had no problem landing his FO job in toronto after his gradation. He said U of T is equivalent of Harvard in the states…basically most of the rich,powerful and bigshots of Canada all have some kind of connection with U of T whether through undergrad or masters.

sent a PM.Check it out.

I live in Toronto, considered an MBA at both Rotman and Ivey.

Rotman has a lot of respect on the street, also as someone new to Canada I am sure the internship aspect is very helpful. It’s also based in Toronto, while Ivey is based in London, Ontario ( 2-3 hour drive, worse winters). Rotman also waives the gmat requirement if you passed all 3 levels of the CFA.

That being said Ivey consistently outperforms the other top Business programs in Canada in key metrics such as average/median starting salary, employment rate and student satisfaction. Bloomberg ranked Ivey’s program the top Business program in the world two years running ahead of Insead, LBS and the other top tier international programs.

Rotman does consistently rank ahead of Ivey according to Financial Times, but they put a lot of emphasis on categories such as research, which as a student, you may not care too much about.

All in all both really good schools, depends on your situation, for me personally I would go to Ivey unless you’re worried about Canadian experience.

^ plus Western has soooo many hot chicks

Another perk of Ivey is the graduating class size is quite a bit smaller. From what I’ve heard Ivey is also more elitist, old-boys-club type. Ivey has its own campus across the street from Western.

Definitely don’t think you can go wrong with either MBA. Though if you are Canadian you might also consider going abroad, global experience is never a bad thing, and the price would be similar.

I would be very careful about trusting those employment stats. a lot of schools hire graduates that don’t land jobs in order to boost their employment stats

This certainly does happen, but you can usually break it out. It’s also less of a concern at the top schools.

The last two years have been really hard for MBA grads from both Rotman and Ivey. Employment stats are lagged but they will not be pretty when they’re released. Student internships are also lower than usual but Rotman is still dominating FO summer internships. Trying to network out of London is a nightmare, according to the Ivey grads I’ve spoken to. To a school a job is a job so it counts towards their employment rates. Doesn’t matter what the job is.

The question you need to ask yourself is this: is your background top tier and all your GPA’s, GMATs, excellent? Is your work experience better than above average? Do you have any experience networking abroad (this is very different depending where you’re from). Top tier employers filter based on the above metrics before you even get an interview. If you’re not in the top 20% of the class it will be difficult to get an FO role full time. It will be very difficult to close the interviews if you do not have not closed the cultural gap in the 4 months until first round interviews. If you do not close a full time banking job your ROI will decline significantly. A good question to ask yourself would be, if you end up getting a 65k job, how are you going to feel about your 100k investment? If the FO is the cap out around 90k, you can see there isn’t a lot of upside and a lot of downside. There’s no denying that to the right guy, the school opens a lot of doors and opportunities, but I’ve also seen a lot of people coming from the same background as you not reaching those goals. It’s probably down to a variety of factors but the biggest flaws are usually that the candidate didn’t do proper analysis of the job market they were going into (hint: it’s a very small market and very competitive), and they put too much faith in “business school will transform me”.

in this forum, either way you go you are toast lol…so just do whatever you want to do because no one is stopping you but yourself and keep chugging along!