value of call on futures

In Schweser mock exam I found this statement to be true, but I don’t unerstand it. From the BSM value of a call is equal to be long the stocks and short the bond (so the same should be for the future), or not?

The value of a call option on futures is equal to the value of a portfolio with a long bond position and a short futures position

Futures are costless to carry so they come under the Black Model. As you said, similar to BSM, call on futures is similar to being long on the futures contract and short on a bond. Your second statement is correct for a put on a futures position.

I guess you are referring to Mock 4 AM, right? I found this confusing too, the second statement. Its clearly wrong because as BenjaminGraham said, this statement applies to a put not call. So i just assumed they got the answer wrong

Yes exactly, I am referring to MOCK 1 AM Vol 2 (so Mock 4).

That means, that they (second statement I posted) are wrong! In fact it didn’t make sense to me… Oh my god… I start do doubt about schweser quality sometimes…