Value of CFA for IT Personnel and future career path

I have been thinking what career path can CFA lead to for a IT person, I dont have any doubt in my mind the course is very good and candidate can really gain wholesome knowledge on finance. But thinking how best can a IT person encash his/her CFA degree without moving completely to finance domain. Would request previous takers or current CFA holders with IT background to share their thoughts/experiences. Regards, A

Often times I have seen developers, architects and professionals working in core technology function move on to System Analysis, Business Analysis in financial services and capital markets industry. It helps communicating with business users (read traders, analysts, accountants, operations, portfolio managers, sales and distribution agents) to gather business requirements for IT projects. Some software product development companies who market products to financial services companies hire CFA’s as subject matter experts to improve and enhance their product offerings and or launch new products. Apart from that don’t see any other career path where you can leverage your technology domain. I know lot of people who have done this after getting CFA charter. Doesn’t change your career path drastically as you still work in IT function, but its the only option. Otherwise you got to take the plunge.

Thanks blueguy19 for your reply. Another thing that bothers me is if CFA institute will accept IT project experience in finance domain as relevant 4yrs experience to issue the CFA charter holder. Will business analysis be considered relevant?? As always, many thanks for your thoughts and feedbacks!!