Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Hello, Anyone in Canada consider applying for Volunteer positions for Vancouver 2010? I probably will apply since it is one of those things I just gotta see before I die… Ayone else?

I consider coming as a toursit to attend some key competitions, like biathlon, bobsleigh, hockey

I am planning to come and watch a few hockey games (at GM center, if remember correctly). That’s gonna be a blast! I have no intention to work at that time, however. But what do you think this event will do to V.BC. in the longer term? I doubt Vancouverites will really be too happy about the Olympics. May be in the run up to the event, but as it comes closer, I am sure people will be ticked off by all the money it costs, they will realize the impact on the landscape and so on. But what do you think? Especially, if you are from that area…

yea i think i agree with you Bear. I’m not from BC (from Alberta) but i’m hearing that Van isn’t going to have the capacity for the people going to the Olympics. The Hockey games are going to be insane. I don’t even want to think about how much the finals would cost if Canada makes it. But maybe i’ll see if i can watch it anyways :P.

Man if Canada make the finals in Vancouver it is going to be crazy!

I think I’d like to particpate in the luge. I think dead people could do luge.

hotdawg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Man if Canada make the finals in Vancouver it is > going to be crazy! The IQ in the nation will go down 50 points that week, 75 if we play the US in the final. I swear, if I see another “CANADA 5 - USA 2” shirt I think I’ll be nacious!