Vancouver Level 1 in Dec 2008


i am in vancouver as well i thought i was the only vancouverian in this forum~ how much have you studied so far?

I’m just finishing up the Ethics component but I’m taking some time off right now so I’m aiming to make quite a bit of progress by mid October. What about you?

I am done with econ, ethics, and some quant ( it really burned me …i had to stop) i will probably do fsa, and others and come back to quant and ethics again later on ~ let me know when you start studying again maybe we can create study group or something

Hey over the water in Victoria here, no doubt will be seeing you guys on exam day. Hope you are going well with you studies.

Yo Aussie Jaco, you going to UVic by any chance? Justin, Aussie, what are you guys up to atm, school or work?

Had just done some school but not at UVic, at the moment just relaxing before they want me back at work. You?

fyi: im in Van too

I wrote my exam in Van and I passed after attending a great prep class. It was around $900 for 18 hours of tutoring. Totally put me over the top. If anyone is needing any extra help, I highly recommend it. If you want more info, try calling 604-710-5532.