Vancouver MBA

  1. Thoughts on the UBC MBA vs the UBC MBA-CMA program. 2. Is the UBC MBA regarded as the best in Western Canada? Info: Career path, M&A at Big 4 or IB. Planning to work in Vancouver.

Where is your undergrad from? Sorry dude but IB jobs in Vancouver are rare and very very tough to get. For an Analyst Job: You have to have amazing undergrad marks (top1 or 2 people from UBC and or SFU undergrad) or be top 5-10% of your grad class and know someone in the firm. For Associate Job: You have to have a MBA, High marks (top of your grad class) and have GMAT Score of over 700 (yes they look at and ask you for your GMAT score). As for UBC MBA…not the top in Canada but high ranked…Top MBA in Canada is Rotman School of business at UoT, followed by IVY. As to whether you should do MBA or MBA/CMA combo, it’s personal choice really. Also look into SFU MBA/CFA program (MBA in Global Asset and Wealth Management) if you have not done your CFA yet…it’s a great way to get both and more useful for IB than the UBC MBA’s. If you have your CFA or almost done, MBA/CMA combo probably helps more because then you have CFA, MBA, and CMA….you will be a walking dollar sign…LOL Hope my quick response was helpful.

^ | what he said. start networking NOW if you want a banking job in Vancouver.

CMA is useless for corporat finance jobs. CA or CPA…so i would either do an MBA/CFA (as someone mentioned in the above post) or just do your MBA and study for the CFA yourself… as for naming top MBA schools in canada, that’s relative. in no particular order without a busienss undergrad you will get attention from Queens, ivey, rotman, schulic, sauder for an MBA. if you have a business undergrad it doesn’t matter where you do your MBA in canada…the CFA matters.