Vancouver - networking (coffee)

Hi all: I’m originally from Vancouver but moved to Calgary for a career opportunity in consulting. I’m currently looking to get back into a more mainstream finance position (ib, asset management, corporate finance, etc) in Vancouver. After a year away from Vancouver and finance, I’m not completely sure about my career path and where I would be the best fit - I’m also a fairly recent graduate with little experience. Although, I did write my level 3 this June and awaiting results. I guess at this point I just need a little perspective (since law school sounds good). If any finance professionals in Vancouver would be willing to share their experiences and some perspective with me, I would appreciate grabbing a coffee or lunch. I will be in Van from early to mid-August. Thanks AF, career counselor by proxy - ha ha. Feel free to email me if you want to help a young guy out - cpham at uvic dot ca