Vancouver/Victoria CFA jobs?

Any charterholder here is from Vancouver/Victoria who can give me some advice? I am thinking to relocate to Vancouver/Victoria and job ads posted in those regions seem very few. After recently acquired the CFA Charter, I want to land a middle-level job there in the investment management field. I browsed the CFA member directory in the above area and find some cool companies/people. Particularly bcIMC caught my eye however it seems that they never advertise any jobs on the website. Wondering how people get jobs there? A little bit about myself. 8 year work experience in total. Currently working in a commercial bank for about 3 years as a Senior Analyst; good at financial modeling, forecasting; FSA analysis; loves research and analysis, valuation, investment management stuff. MBA and a CPA in addition to CFA. Any advice is much appreciated!!

Wow, all three; MBA, CPA and CFA, but isn’t the CPA worthless in Canada ?