Vanguard Interview

I have an interview coming up with Vanguard for an analyst position. Has anybody interviewed with them before? Thoughts? I am really interested in finding out what their Technical Screen is all about.

ramp up with webiste, read below, and read john boglesbook. bogle got booted from wellington then started the monster ================================================= HOOVERS Overview If you buy low and sell high, invest for the long term, don’t panic, and generally disapprove of those whippersnappers at Fidelity, then you may end up in the Vanguard of the financial market. The Vanguard Group offers individual and institutional investors a line of popular mutual funds and brokerage services. Claiming more than $1 trillion of assets under management, the firm is battling FMR (aka Fidelity) for the title of largest retail mutual fund manager on the planet. Vanguard’s fund options include more than 180 stock, bond, mixed, and international offerings, as well as variable annuity portfolios; its Vanguard 500 Index Fund is one of the largest in the US. The company is known as much for its puritanical thriftiness and conservative investing as for its line of index funds, which track the performance of such groups of stock as the S&P 500. Retired company founder John Bogle is sometimes derisively called “St. Jack” for his zealous criticism of industry practices, but the company’s reputation for being squeaky clean appears to have kept it unscathed by the mutual fund industry scandals of recent years. Unlike other fund managers, Vanguard is set up like a mutual insurance company. The funds (and by extension, their more than 9 million investors) own the company, so fees are low to nonexistent; funds are operated on a tight budget so as not to eat into results. The company spends next to nothing on advertising, relying instead on strong returns and word-of-mouth. And despite its no-broker, no-load background, Vanguard has developed cheap ways to dole out advice, especially through the use of toll-free numbers and the Internet and by quietly touting its online brokerage service.