VB proficiency exam

Is there a VB proficiency exam that is recognized as the standard for demonstrated proficiency in the industry?

I took a evening course at a major university with final exam and certification. I think this helped me.

Best way to show VBA proficiency is to code up your own projects (and try to relate them to finance, like a swaption modelling program, etc) and list them on your resume (I usually throw them in Summary of Skills or the Relevant Projects part of Education) Having a course is great, but you’re just wasting money if don’t actually apply what you learned.


Yes, this is an issue. I don’t do anything sophisticated in my current position. The only Visual Basic I do is pretty much pimped out recorded macros, if you know what I mean. I am looking for something that I can point to that is recognized since I am lacking in demonstrated use currently.

press ctrl-F11 and start learning how to write the codes instead of using the recorded macros.