VBA and excel

AFers, Can anyone suggest any good books that can be used for financial modeling in excel? I have no prior knowledge in financial modeling. i am a s/w programmer. Kindly let me know. Thanks.

everyone always answers this question Benninga. Not that I have ever looked at that book…

i think one of the best ways to learn (i’m currently in the process, just started recently) is to track down someone else’s VBA programs and take them apart and figure out how they work. i prefer to use the book as a reference but not as a primary guide.

i’m just starting to learn, too. i picked up the dummies book since those are easy to learn from

Building Financial Models by John Tjia is pretty good. I’m going through the ebook right now. And if you just go by title, it sounds like “Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA” by Sengupta will do the trick. I know nothing about that though.

thank you guys

I recommend the Benninga book as well, although it is probably overkill for any front office fundamentally based finance shop you are likely to work at. On the other hand, I am not sure if it would be substantial enough for a quant shop. You should be able to rip through it with your programming background.

is this the book you guys are talking about Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga; Benjamin Czaczkes I plan to buy the 2nd ed. its cheaper on ebay. theres a 3rd ed too. which ones do you guys suggest

thats the one everyone is talking about aquabu… go to his website and you can see the changes from the 2nd to 3rd edition of the book… i would buy the cheaper one, but thats just me - i am cheap :wink: http://finance2.wharton.upenn.edu/~benninga/fm3/fm3.html

2nd ed would cost me 30 bucks. 3rd ed would cost me 80 bucks. i believe i would buy the 2nd ed now and by the time i finish reading it the third ed would have gone down to 30 :wink:

aquabu: send me a quick email, jperlin (at) gmail (dot) com… i may have something of interest to you.

mailed you

jonathan swan - practical financial modeling is good from an excel techniques perspective. i have a 2nd edition for sale if you’re interested, i am getting the 3rd ed. won’t teach you the accounting / finance, but you can learn that so many other places