VC database

I’m looking to put together a list of VC firms that have a cleantech investment focus and a min fund size. Would anyone know of a database or online search resource that allows you to search by sector, fund size, activity, etc.? Thanks for your help.

For an introductory site, have you looked at the PWC Moneytree site?

thanks for that link, that’s a helpful site. anyone else have any insight into searchable cleantech VC data? Right now I’m just gathering data from news feeds,, etc. cheers

I think BearStearns had a database available… But you’re gonig to have trouble finding one that doesnt cost money…most people don’t compile lists for free

Just in case anyone else is interested – – seems to be a great database of VC transaction info.

NEF (New Energy Finance) has pretty much all you’ll need to know about cleantech (plus its searchable) and Venture Source is one of the most (if not the most) respected data source for Venture Capital globally. Neither of these are free unfortunately but they may have a free trial option or may be able to point you in the right direction