VC problem in practice exam v2 e2 19.4

all of the committed capital is available for the required up front cash distribution to the general partner at the beginning of the investment period… true or false???


then why

Committed capital is how much money I am ready to put in in the capital-call period (3-5) years. I may say I am ready to put in total of 5m, however, that is throughtout the capital call period, not necessary all at once.

I believe commited cappital is being drawn in the first period of five years. Distribution back occur after 7 year period… i remember correctly

ok. can anyone explain the following terms a little more specifically? i am really sick of them~~ committed capital , invested capital, general partner, limited partner…

committed capital - how much u have committed to put in i.e total of 5 mil in say 4 qtrs invested - how much you already have invested - example : u have committed to give me $ 100 and so far have given me 20 …committed = 100 ;invested = 20

…it wd really suck if they threw in this committed / invested capital stuff in an IPS return requirement question …

Rudeboy stop giving them ideas!!! hehe