Vegas or SF?

Hi AFers,

My brother is coming for a week and I would like to take him to either Vegas or SF for three days. We’re in mid 20s and have never been both places. Where/why would you recommend?


Never been? Vegas. Because, you know, it’s Vegas.

Vegas, because it’s good and because SF is overrated. Money will go further in Vegas, women are more attractive, no need to drive / park, etc. to see stuff.

Vegas, you will always remember that kick @ss trip.

Stay at Aria (better Casino, new and shiny, in the middle of the action on the strip, etc). Also, go to XS one night, maybe TAO another. Check out shopping at Crystals. If you get there on a weekday, check out a place called Blue Martini at Town Square between like 9-12 early in the night. A lot of the locals go there (bar tenders, etc) and it’s a very chill, fun atmosphere… one of my favorites. They have outdoor hookas too which is cool if you’re into that. Although, this time of year, you may want to check out one of the hotels like Venitian that’s a little more famous for it’s pool scene than Aria (although Aria’s still my personal favorite). Also make sure to see the fountain show at the Bellagio in the evening (it’s so awesome), and it may be worthwhile to stop in at Ghost Bar your first or last night. The bar itself is kinda beat these days, but every trip I always make it a point to stop out there for an hour with my friends the first or last night and just take in the view and kinda have our little moment since we all usually fly in from different places (HS buddies).

So jealous. I have Vegas fever pretty bad right now. Unfortunately I also have bills.

Second the Aria rec – very good place to stay, right in the middle of the strip, good deals on rooms most times (I got a ridiculous suite last time I stayed there with a friend and it wasn’t that pricey).

Vegas and yes stay in Aria (center of the strip).

You piss me off by comparing Vegas to SF!


It depends on what you like. I have always found Vegas to be cheesy and artificial - but that is probably a matter of personal taste. San Francisco is a good place to visit if you enjoy food, wine, culture and natural beauty - and you don’t mind paying a lot of money for some of those things. There are very good national parks and nature reserves within driving distance; if you have time, you can go see redwood trees, volcanoes, rocky shores, mountains, etc. To a certain extent, you must be willing to tolerate smug hipsters and homeless people, but if you can ignore those, your experience will be much improved.

If you intend to drink and party a lot, and maybe try to score with some loose girls, then Vegas is probably a better fit.

^Agree with ohai that it’s a matter of personal preference. That being said, my personal preference would be Las Vegas. Going back end of Sept right before I commence LII studying.

Vegas!!! I’m dying to go back. Be sure to check out Marquee and Rehab.

I can sort of sympathize with Prince Harry going crazy. His position prevents him from doing anything except party. He can’t do any normal jobs, since no one will treat him equally. He can’t do royal stuff either, as he will always be overshadowed by his older brother. So, naturally he has to do what any other young male person would do if they have practically unlimited money and are prevented from holding any form of responsibility - balls out partying.

Definitely Vegas. (haven’t been to SF though)

VEGAS! SF is nice and I could see myself moving there, but for a trip with your bro and that you’re both in your 20s… its a no brainer bud. Vegas Vegas Vegas!

I love SF, having grown up out there, but it sounds like Vegas is probably better for guys in their 20s with 3 days and raging hormones to kill. Of course, perhaps the OP is female (they didn’t say either way), but women like Vegas too.

Vegas is a bit cheesy, and later in life you’ll want to do SF instead. But for now, Vegas


Language NSFW, Video is fine.

Thanks all guys. I checked out Aria and will def. stay there. As you said, it’s not that expensive at all.

Vegas is the place to go.

Thanks again.

Vegas - ask for Prince Harry

Vegas for sure!! Just went for the first time a couple of months back and had an amazing time! stayed at the Venetian and it was great. i’d definitely recommend it. Hit up XS, TAO, wet republic, marquee… was an awesome experience…

Woops… guess i was kinda late on that… the OP already decided on Vegas…

hi brosephs, i’m taking a few days off and wanna try something new - the options are visit Burning Man for 3-day delirium trip on datura seeds, set myself on fire and do a cliff jump, or check out the neighborhood’s farmers market and then visit my aunt’s book club for their reading of skandinavian haiku. any recommendations appreciated

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