Venting about what I percieve as the current situation on AF

This is my first time on AF in about a month. I think it’s a great site when you’re studying for the exams (ie. the Leve I - III links) but other than that I’ve been finding that the quality of General Discussion/Back Office posts have been going down in flames. For almost a couple years I used to visit the site almost daily but now I find I’ll spend a month or two away, come back and it’s still the same posts. Or new, legit posts with 15 ridiculous responses. I don’t recall it always being like this. I feel like many significant posters have been banned and it’s been diluted with some people with too much time on their hands who don’t care to make any meaningful contributions. I see more and more people posting responses out of boredom, taking jabs at people with real questions, and just plain not being helpful. I know certain questions have been posted-to-death but give the newbies a break. Anyways just thought I’d throw out my current thoughts about AF on this beautiful Sunday. Cheers


sublimity Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > perceive nice!

you gonna cry about it, come on cry baby cry come on!!

annnnd my point has just been finely illustrated


Reggie (and anyone else): Dozens of former poster have been clicking away at since the great Off Topic purge of 2006. Come over and introduce yourself. You have to register though because some of the posters got worried about it being a public forum. Better index that website though as the mere mention of it is grounds for thread removal. I guess I just killed this thread.

I agree with the OP. People should be serious like I am when I hunt my prey.

Reggie Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > annnnd my point has just been finely illustrated well played sir! sips tea " the rapscallions are quite irredeemable i am afraid yes that i am"

OP, you have to understand. AF is literally a purgatory. These guys are stuck here until they can resolve their sins of character. That’s why you see this repeated… broken record, even… behavior. Some of them think they have been released though banishment or humiliation or boredom or getting “locked out of their account/ forgot password”… only to be lured back under new handles and personas. This is because they MUST NOT BE RELEASED until the task is done. Give them a break. On day each one of them will break free!

KMD this post is from 1957, these guys are prob dead or onto a 5th or 6th screen name on here

whats hulmiliation

LOL… shit… where I am at right now with this post.

Igor +2

KMD 0 :sob:


Can we stop crazy AF people from spending their free time reviving old posts instead of living their lives? Really, it is an act of compassion. I can only imagine how much time someone has to spend on here to dig through threads circa 2011…

Nice original post.

Oh it’s FAR WORSE than it was a decade ago.

I did a thread a couple years ago, “what is happening to people’s minds?” or some such. I would say it is a US/West-wide collapse in thinking abilities. A) Physical : diet and pharmaceuticals leading to physical degeneration of the brain. B) Mental : stressful work, lack of work/life balance, lack of positive male/female bond, lack of family. C) Cultural : millennials, post-enlightenment / postmodernism, cell phones, social media, etc.

This assault on mental function (idiocracy was a great name for it) is hitting hard from all angles. I’m constantly in awe of how sane people are over here in Asia, at least relative to the spiraling-out-of-control West.

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