venture capital interview advice

Hello, I have an upcoming interview for a vc group (biotech/life sciences focus) and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me or could point me to some good resources where I could read up on VC business models etc. I have a fixed income background and have passed the level 1 exam, but I do not know much about VC firms and what they look for in interviews. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

a good general note about deal structures, terms to get your feet wet… Do some research on other comparable (size, stage, rep) vc shops. Get to know few public comps in the biotech areas in which they specialize (read some analyst reports). Get to know several recent biotech deals (VC backed and recent IPOs) - valuations, investors, stage. Definitely research deals this firm has done. have an opinion about the space, and have a view on what makes a company successful, what kills a deal, red flags, etc.) - I know this is generic, but try to think through this stuff prior to the interview.

Dr. von Nostrand, incredible username.

vault book is not bad. also, check out the VC stuff in the level 1/2 materials