Verification of Work Experience

Call me impatient, but does anyone know roughly how long GARP takes to verify your work experience?

I just entered my CV details through the website and I know the certificate won’t come until April, but as soon as the email comes from GARP we can start using the designation.

Is there anyone who’s been through the process who could give me and the others who passed Part 2 how long it will be?

Congratulations on passing Level 2! It takes 8 weeks for the experience approval.

8 weeks…that seems so painfully long…

8 weeks seems a very long time given that they say certificates are sent out on 16th April to evreyone who submitted their work experience before 31st March. only gives them 2 weeks.

Received my work experience approval email on Jan 12th… Less then a week!

Congratulations. When did you put your CV in? I put mine in on the 4th and am still waiting.

I submitted mine on the 4th as well. So I guess it took just over a week. My bad. I’m sure you’ll hear soon…

I submitted CV on the 4th but am still waiting~~~

Makes me feel better that I am still waiting

I am also one of those who submitted on 4th and still waiting…

Today got the approval email. Title is “Thank you for submitting your CV you can now use the FRM designation‏.”

Congrats, hopefully mine will come soon.

Received the Mail.

Officially a FRM now…:slight_smile: