verifying work experience when changing jobs

So if you move from place A to place B, where place A experience counts toward the charter, what do you need to do before you leave to make sure that your experience at A is counted in the 4 years? What my manager need to sign off on anything? Thanks!

That’s a good question. I had job A where I applied for affiliate membership (a mistake). It did not count as experience and my manager filled out the paperwork accordingly. Then I took job B. I submitted my experience at job B without any additional paperwork and they’ve accepted my experience at job B. That being said if you already have credit for job A you may not need to do anything.

I dont, i havent done anything… What do i need to do?

Does your former hiring manager at a previous job have to fill the paperwork? He was very bitter when I left (he’s the kind of person who took it personally) and I doubt he would sign anything on my behalf.

What does he need to sign? That is my question

I don’t think your former manager has to sign anything. I think all you need to do is get your current boss and a sponsor to fill out the paperwork. Then you go to the CFAI website and type in your old job responsibilities and your new job responsibilities. Email the CFAI and they’ll easily answer your questions.