Vertical Mouse

Just hooked up this vertical mouse today. So far seems pretty sweet, interested to see how it works out.

Not wireless? What’s the deal with that?

Doesnt it like come in your way. Switching between keyboard and mouse with your right hand?

Seems like fun nonetheless

Reviews on wireless mentioned frequently having to replace batteries. With long hours it was just one less thing I wanted to deal with.

my mind hurts looking at that, give us a report in a few weeks once youve gotten used to it. My mom used to love those rollerball mice but I hated them.

This one’s not roller ball. The idea is just to move your wrist into a more ergonomic position. Not sold on it yet, I’ll give it a one month trial.

Haven’t seen a rollerball mouse in a long time.

Wonder why it has battery issues? It’s not like it’s doing additional work, just a change of hand position.

Beats me.

I paid around the same for one of those mousepads with a gel cushion in it, for the ergonomic benefits. Have only been using it for a day so too early to say whether it helps. The vertical mouse looks interesting.

I’m giving this one a try for a few months and if it doesn’t help I’m going to try this one:

Figured I’d give the cheaper option a shot first.

Did you get one of those hentai gel mousepads with the anatomical pads?

let us know how your hand feels in a few months

I wonder if it would put a shoulder in a better position too

wouldn’t mind trying this out myself getting tendon pain and my fingers are curling laterally… let us know how it goes BS.

Curious that it still requires batteries when it has a USB cord. Not sure what additional functionality would require extra power.

Sorry, I must have mistated that. The cord one doesn’t require batteries. I was stating that that was the reason I went for it over the cordless. So far so good and not too hard to get used to. I’ll update you guys in about a month.

So a month in, my wrist actually feels noticeably better with this mouse. For $17, I’d call it easily worth it. It can be a bit awkward at first and I actually tensed up my wrist more the first day, but once I got used to using it definitely felt like it was an improvement. I’d be interested in trying the Evoluent mouse at some point in comparison. Just to clarify, this is not a rollerball mouse.

Who uses a mouse?! Keyboard shortcuts!

looking to make the jump… anyone have a good reco?

I used to use those, then I switched to voice commands. After that, I switched to thought commands. Now, I just sit on the couch and think productivity.