Very Hypothetical Question

Since everyone on this board seems to be somewhat hardcore when it comes to CFA, just wanted to check what ultimately drives you: I noticed the lottery in my state is $100mm. If you won this would you continue your CFA studies. H*ll no for me. I would toss my books immediately…off of my new yacht. As altruistic and education minded as I am…when the dust settles I am looking to make money. Life’s too short…and I am not getting any younger. I’m betting a lot of you are going to say you would because you could quit your job and have time to study, more power to you!! Maybe a better question is how much would someone really have to give you, in order for you to forget about CFA forever.

You just reminded me to check my Mega Millions ticket from last night. Thanks!

Gong, Great minds think alike…I have a ticket or two that needs checking! Heres to, continued donations to the “poor man’s tax fund”, and dreams of taking the easy way in life…

I would finish, but I would quit working and be my own fund manager.

I would just live on interest on 100mm principal. 100mm will be like 60M in cash and after taxes will be close to 35mm. So 35mm * 2% = 700K (interest free/year). Live life kingsize.

gongshowsgocheddar Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You just reminded me to check my Mega Millions > ticket from last night. Thanks! I also checked my ticket this morning and I WOOOOOOOOOOON!!!..F*ck AF! Just kidding, Chad. Don’t ban me please.

In an effort to avoid work a few weeks ago, a few of us at work went through all the expenses of living like a lottery winner (multi-million $ house, second vacation house, a handful of luxury cars, time share on a private jet, and a few other things) and estimated what we’d need to win cover them. Basically I’d need to pocket $85mm, so the jackpot would need to be around $200mm+. That’d be enought to invest in bonds to cover your expenses, stocks to stay ahead of the curve, and some play money to invest since we’re all obviously inclined that way. I’d still sit for L3 though. Might as well, I’d wouldn’t be working.

^ silly dreams are for turtles.