Very old question, but still need your advices

I used Schweser only for Lev I. Many people said that Schweser is certainly not enough for Lev II. What I wanted to do as a plan is review everything with Schweser the first round, read the Curriculum 2nd round, do concept checkers on both then chew some practice exams & mock exams. But I don’t think that I’ll have enough time for it. I tried to read some reading in CFAI text however, it’s still too wordy and tedious to me and what I get from it is not more than from Schweser… Are there many of you pass the exam by reading Schweser only? Of course, I still try to do as much sample exam as possible but I don’t even have the mood for reading CFAI text.

don’t bother reading CFAI, just do the big EOCs. Plenty of people if not the majority have and will pass on Schweser/Stalla/etc only

true that

I started reading a lot of CFAI, and looking back it was a waste of time. The concepts are presented wordily and in an overly complex manner, and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Schweser loses a little useful information, but retention is way higher, as is speed. Personally I’m doing Schweser, doing all EOCs, and if there are chapters that I bomb I read the CFAI.

See if you can get a copy of last years stalla too. I think like with regression you will better explain the dependent variable if you add in some other factors. I used practice problems from schweser stalla and cfai materials, but counted primarily on schweser unless I felt like i wasn’t getting it. I think if you find a particular study session light under schweser it wouldn’t be a bad idea to skim cfai materials to see how much you are missing. Sometimes they are very brief.

CFAI meant for someone you’d want to call masochist. Sorry to my CFAI BUDDIES. Even I find cfai to be abstruse and not worth spending time. And after I met an engineer guh who cleared all the levels in one shot through schweser, I have confidence in it. It’s just dependent on how much can u get from schweser. And that guy isn’t really smart. I feel it’s doable.