"Vicccctooorry" - Johnny Drama

new job. got the nod from a $20bil buyside firm. giddy up. The question of the hour…should I give two week notice or not? I will NEVER use this firm as a reference and they are big enough pricks to screw me if I did ask for one. SSB called up one time and asked about an intern we had…they refused to say anything other than they fact that he interned here. Pretty whack. Anyways…last person they fired wasnt given a two week notice. She was asked to leave and they escorted her to the door and made her wait outside in the cold while her husband drove 30 mins to pick her up. So…im thinking that if they dont give two weeks notice to their employees…why should I? Any thoughts? (ps…these guys really burned me in many ways-so im not feeling overly friendly. to give you an idea…in the 2 years since I have been here, we have turned over staff 400%)

Still doesn’t sound like justification for sinking to their level.

Give the two weeks notice. It is not just the firm you screw over but also your co-workers who have to pick up the slack and will remember you as the guy who left them in a tight spot. You never know if you will work with/for/or do business with any of them again. A top exec at a bank I new through a buddy once told me that you should under no circumstances ever burn your bridges… I guess he means better safe than sorry.

There’s a chance that they’ll cut that two weeks in half or more after you give notice… They probably won’t be too pumped about keeping you around (unless your position is fairly unique.) I’d say it’s worth it for reasons said above (ecspecially coworkers) Congrats on the new job; sounds like it’ll be a weight off your shoulders, thorn out of your *** etc.

good job on the new job. As per above, they will likely want you out by the end of the week or so.

From my knowledge, your (old) firm is following standard practices. 1) There’s liability issues involved with giving references so it’s pretty standard to just give the facts: time of employment, salary, title, etc. 2) If they fired someone (vs layoff but even then…) why would they want a pissed off person around for 2 weeks causing mischief, stealing stuff, messing with files, etc.

Ditto to what no_slogan said above. Firms will typically only say whether or not you worked there and the dates that you worked there. They will almost always refrain from relating with positive or negative experiences to your new employer. Of course I did have a boss that always would joke about coming back with something like “Yes john smith worked for us. We neither confirm nor deny that he was a model employee. Just one question though…he won’t be in a position that requires him to work with small boys will he?”

I would give a 2 weeks notice as well…I am only responding because I love ENTOURAGE!


Congratulation ! I know exactly how you feel. If I were you I would at least put 2 weeks notice. It is a small world, you 'll never know what will be next. I think just for your own benefit, you shouldn’t let the emotion that you hate the company overcome your situation. But definitely not put them in your job reference if they are you said. Good luck !

I also only viewed this thread because I love Entourage:) You might be able to exploit this : If you’re going to the competition your firm may very well not want you around for 2 weeks, and let you go. However, they may be required to pay you for their 2 weeks notice. (Depending on your country, state etc). If you quit without giving notice, they are not required to pay you for the next 2 weeks. (Again depending on country etc). I’ve had buddies give a full month’s notice when going to a competitor because they knew full well they’d be shown the door immediately but paid for the 4 weeks notice their compnay’s policy states.