Vice - A house divided.

Obama is such a classy dude. his responses were amazing. what a gracious loser. he essentially told people to be patient with democracy even though DJT is running the show. DJT could learn a thing or two about class.

my respect for Boehner has increased significantly. hated by both parties for essentially preventing a government shutdown. political suicide for the greater good.

less politics more club/vegas/grind stories

Less Vice. They’ve gone off the deep end. Might as well get your editorials from Tumblr.

they have one on ibiza and truck stop strippers. there’s a lot of information!


What democracy? The corporate/deepstate coup already happened (and Obama was no doubt involved).

DJT isn’t running anything, corporations are running things. :bulb:

i mean for a good minute the corproate world was bending over to trump.