vicious Currency Translation question

Good luck. 1. Reconcile the Income Statement plug figure under the Temporal method. (take me through the steps) 2. Reconcile the CTA adjustment in Equity under the All-Current method. (again, gotta know the steps)

Recalling from previous memory. Will need to review though: Temporal Method: 1) Start from B/S 2) Consolidate Assets and Liabilities after converting monetary assets & liabilities at current rate and non-monetary at historical rates. 3) Calculate Equity as the balance of Assets and Liabilities. (basically get end retained earnings) 4) Now come to income statement. Consolidate after converting most items at weighted average rate. 5) Adjust NI obtained, so that retained earnings + dividends paid match NI. Current Method: 1) Start from I/S 2) Consolidate after converting most of sub’s items using Weighted Avg Rate. 3) Obtain NI, minus out any dividends paid and store Retained Earnings for future use. 4) Now come to B/S. 5) Consolidate Assets and Liabilities from the Sub, using Current Rate. 6) Balance the equation by plugging in CTA, so as to get same Retained Earnings as in step 3.

Good job, well done. That’s a fun one. Personally, I think as long as you’ve got that and the hyperinflationary rules (GAAP uses Temporal, IFRS uses All Current and reindexes hard assets for inflation), then you’re all set on the currency translation side. Thoughts?