Victor Niederhoffer

Did somebody catch this in the New Yorker? It was a typical, colossal John Cassidy article about this great speculator. Have you guys heard of him? In the article it says that he got hit this summer with all this credit crunch and subprime BS!!! --Again–

He has built and lost his fortune twice I believe.

He’s victim to averaging down. The cost of tuition has gone up!

He’s my inspiration. If that fool can make it big then anybody can.

I read the article. He is just a gambler - a good one at that. But it always catches up to you. And it cought up to him twice already, and I think third time this summer. Can’t run away from the good old risk-return…

there was a bbg article on him a few weeks ago about his HFs closing dn. see if you can find it.