Video of S2000

Watch and weep

(edit - and in creating this thread, I surpassed the great JDV in number of posts)

gotta love the hug.

Serious question for those who actually eat really spicy stuff. Are you supposed to drink milk if you want to gain some relief, not beer or water?

Milk or vodka have both been proven to reduce pain caused by capsaicin. Milk is a bit more refreshing to slosh around your mouth than vodka though, so I’d start there. Ice cream also works well.

Water makes it much worse. Much like trying to use water on napalm, it just spreads it around and makes it burn hotter.

holy cow… that looks rough

"He started puking, so it was great fun. " Too funny

I think the reason why milk works best is because it’s essentially a giant liquid tums tablet.

That is, of course, assuming you’re not lactose intolerante like a lot of adults.

“Of”, or “for”?

Prepositions can be tricky things, I know.

I was so swamped with work this year - and the stupid drought in California limited our watering - that my Carolina Reapers didn’t produce any fruit.

But I have a few seeds left, and next year’s gonna be a hot one!

for of course sounds slicker!

I would like to ask a serious question OF those…

I have a serious question FOR those…

That’s my understanding anyway.

The original intent was “This is a video, and one of the guys in the video is S2000, and it depicts him eating a chili pepper.”

Of course, I know that neither of the guys is S2000, but it was an attempt at comedy that I know now has utterly failed because of either 1.) our collective geekiness, or 2.) it was bad humor. I’m not really sure which.

So, as usual, you were just being silly.

Got it.

I chugged a bottle of ghost pepper sauce (100% ghost peppers) on a bet in college. It was horrible. Much worse than expected. I was hurting for days.

Looks like the drought has affected s2000’s sense of humor as well (?).

Anyway, due to my geographic origin, I have superhuman spice resistance. I’m interested in trying this ghost pepper stuff at some point though…

^can you live stream please, in case you die and wont make it back here to post

Not even close.

I own two cats and a puppy, and I teach accounting and, for goodness sake, CFA review courses; you can’t do that without a good sense of humor.