Video's & EOC only, thoughts?

I’m thinking about switching things up since I keep falling asleep when trying to read. Anybody have thoughts on the Elan video’s and all the practice problems out of cfai/schweser? I don’t know how detailed the videos are or anything like that. How long is a video for a typical LOS?

The Elan videos are on Average 3 hours per Study Sessions. Eveytime Peter Olinto is on the video it feels like 1.5

This is a good question, OP. I’m actually falling behind schedule and wondering if videos + EOCs is do-able for small weighted topics like Quant, Econ & PM. Anyone have thoughts on this? I have the Elan videos…

Don’t you mean 3 hours per reading, not 3 hours per study session?

I’ve only viewed some of the FRA videos so far and they are 3-4 hours per reading (i.e. there are 3 study sessions for FRA, each of which has 3 or so readings within that SS). So FRA would be (3-4 hours) * 3 study sessions * 3 readings.

So I guess my other strategy, watch all the videos in the first two weeks of may as review, isn’t exactly gonna be feasible…lol

I give up reading. Always fall asleep. Curriculum, elan notes, 2012 schweser notes my friend lend me. Always end up dozing off and wake up 7 hours later. so far for fra, the videos -inventory, lt assets, multinational helped me doing curriculim eoc. The funny thing is the 2 chapters i managed to.force myself to read -intercorporate and pension- well… I have to say i will have to watch the video as i cant remember anything that i read :frowning:

My friend pass level II first try with videos and practice questions.

Another question, whats the difference between the soft and hard copies (besides price)…

Is the soft copy something like a flash website where you can’t actually download the videos for offline viewing? And can I play the hard copy in my ps3?


The hard copy is on CD. The soft copy is like a youtube video that you view from within their website.

Regarding compatability, I also had questions since I wanted to run the videos on an IPad on my way to work. They responsed to me saying that “our CDs are only compatible with Windows systems.”

So it doesn’t sound like they are in DVD format to be viewed on a PS3.

btw - I’ve already bought about $80 worth of instructions videos off their site. I’m now going to spend the money and buy the CDs so that I can view them on the tram on the way to work (bad internet connection need the hard copies).

I emailed them and ask them to sell me the CDs minus the money I’d already spent. They agreed to doing this.

So if you’re interested in the videos but not ready to commit, I’d advise buying the individual videos and seeing if you like them, then get your money back off the full purchase if you want to go ahead with the rest.

@CleverCFA - what’s your approach? Are you doing Elan videos + Schweser Notes simultaneously for each reading or are you already on your second pass?

I’m wondering if Elan Videos has a good coverage of Quant, Econ, Der & PM for me to just skip reading Schweser Notes & go straight to videos? Tired of reading and those are four topics remaining before I complete my first pass (I have yet to do EOCs!)

CFAfatso - I’m using the videos when I don’t understand the readings in Schweser. A lot of the readings I just get and don’t feel the need for the videos. I’m not saying it’s simple, but the challenge lies in memorising the details and formulas, not in understanding the concepts.

I was lost for FRA so I picked up the videos. I’ll be viewing F.I. study session on Asset Backed Securities as well as bits of Econ. Might need to clarify some of Quant as well which I’m covering now.

The problem I have with skipping the reading and doing only the videos is that videos will take you longer to sit through in my opinion. I’d also worry about getting a very high level of detail only from the video. I think the videos are great to give you the intuition on a topic, but not necessarily the detail. You need both IMO.

What I am considering is maybe viewing the videos for my 2nd pass instead of re-reading Schweser. Not sure yet. I’ll definitely view the FRA bits again though.

How’s your progress CFAfatso?

as the videos are compatible with windows system, i wonder if it can run on X-box?

@CleverCFA - 1.) everytime I read your posts, makes me think I should’ve spent a few more mins to come up with a better ID on this forum lol! 2.) Progress is…well…quite jacked up for the last two weeks…I can’t focus at home and due to some personal fam stuff, can’t stay late after work (which is what I used to do previously). Add YE busy season and you’ve basically got me checking analystforum - maybe doing a few Q-bank ?'s, telling myself to either stay up late &/or wake up early to finish the readings, but NOT doing it (For some reason, I just can’t seem to focus at home & given I can’t stay late at the office - pretty much hopeless…worse part, even coffee isn’t working to give me some boost…) IT SUCKS DUDE! Hoping to get back on track this weekend!

Regarding your strategy - planning to do something similar - Reading Schweser Notes now and then “planning” to do a second pass w/Elan Videos. I haven’t done any CFAI EOCs yet so undecided where to fit those in (in between 1st & 2nd pass or after my second pass).

Hey CFAfatso, sorry to hear you’re having trouble focusing. I know what you mean about it being difficult at home. I’ve got 2 kids under 2 and a wife to keep happy so it’s also tricky for me. Plus I got my dad that I heven’t seen in 2 years coming out from Germany for a month today that I’ll have to entertain.

Are you able to find a spot somewhere to study at lunch? (Starbucks, some food court, empty meeting room, etc). I’ve been kinda slack about studying at home but I’m getting a lot done in that lunch hour. My lunch usually ends up being about 1h30 but I walk back in the office with my books under my arm and people are pretty understanding (it’s obvious I haven’t just been working on my tan outside).

The CFAI EOCs have really slowed my pace down. I’m doing Quant now, it’s taking FOREVER to do the questions (got like 5 done at lunch, only 20 more to go for that 1 reading, sighhhh). I’m not sure if it’s the best strategy for the first pass. The problem I have with it is I know I’m going to forget all anyway and have to re-read, and re do questions again. So it’s almost like I should just do a high level skim on the first pass only.

I’m really getting into the videos though. They really help. They were a waste of time for L1 I thought because you could pretty much figure everything out reasonably well just from Schweser, but it’s different for some of the L2 subjects.

Good luck with it mate.

btw - are you one of these Dec12 L1 Jun13 L2 CFA Rambos? Those guys are hardcore! Respect.

I’m saving all the eoc’s for revision. Actually I’m just doing the self tests after each SS so far, for the sake of getting through the readings. I know for L1 I didn’t learn anything until that last month, so don’t really see the point in wasting valuable reading time trying to practice questions I won’t look at again for 3 more months :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree about the QM EOCs. Even at Level I they took so long! Did you manage to get through them CleverCFA? Do you think you know it well? I am not sure where I stand with QM.

erm… free 2013 CFA Level 2 notes, videos, QBank, and mock papers are now available at: Level 1 and 3 coming soon… All the best! :slight_smile:

In my opinion, what really makes a difference for LII are EOCs, BlueBoxes and mocks.

I think the best approach is to go through the notes, videos or whatever as fast as you can, and then concentrate as early as possible on the exercises. When you get exercises wrong, then you may go back to the notes to close your knowledge gaps. This seems to help scores go up much faster than reading and re-reading stuff.

Good luck to you all!