vignette topic recall

got 19/20… anyone remember the second morning ethics? growth duration maybe? ethics chan quant mr fsa pension fsa synthesis cf capital budgeting equity dividend discount equity fixed income key rate duration derivatives futures/forwards alternative real estate ethics ros economics ca/fa/erates fsa asset consol fsa temporal equity ri equity porter, given research report cf merger fixed income mbs derivatives swaps/swaptions pm the pm shit

uhhhh…isnt this a blatant violation? i bumped it fishing around for some posts people left June 8 2008.

I guess no one remembered what the second morning ethics was about… haha… yeah… defenitely not allowed to discuss this… wouldnt be surprised if this post got taken down now… Not that I would know what to do with this information anyway…

Hardly very useful now - how does it help to know what was asked in last years exam? Are they likely to leave it out or lilkely to include it? It’s impossible to say really.