Violating coworker water bottle, violation?

The incident happened on January 14, 2010, while both employees were working at the mortgage company, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Investigators say Lallana entered the victim’s office and deposited his swimmers into a water bottle that was on his co-worker’s desk.

The victim, who was unaware of the bottle’s contents, drank the contaminated water. She threw it away after feeling sick, investigators say.

Three months later, the victim and six other employees, including the defendant, were transferred to the Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Company’s Orange branch.

That’s where a second incident occurred, according to officials.

On April 9, 2010, Lallana is accused of assaulting the same victim by depositing his swimmers into another water bottle that the victim left on her desk. The victim took a sip from the bottle, then felt sick. She decided to send the specimen to a private lab to be tested.

The lab contacted her and told her the water bottle contained swimmers, police said. The victim then notified the Orange Police Department.

DNA tests confirmed the swimmers belonged to Lallana.


she is fine

if that guy is a charterholder, he certainly forfeited his career for the weirdest prank ever. if you consider the health implications (STDs) I believe that guy should go to jail for some time. he will get his own fair share of swimmers there…

lol now ive seen everything.

He just had to get his swimmers inside her!

Get’s sick from swimmers? Hate to be her bf.

Unless the law is stupid enough to not consider it a crime unless she got sick… Or the specific emotional response (because against her will) controlled the physical one… She could have been allergic too…

How could any female not recognize the acquired taste of swimmers!?

Maybe she knew what it was, but did not want to reveal that she knew what it tastes like, so she was like “uh, I feel sick”.

I kind of remember that when they interviewed the guy and asked why the f did he do it, he was like “I don’t know. It just made me aroused” or something like that.

A friend of mine claimed this happened in his college biology class. The day’s lesson was on sex, etc., and the teacher mentioned how sperm is 80% sugar (or something like that) whereupon a girl asks out loud, “How come it tastes so salty then?” She turns beet red and runs from the room.

The smartass professor answered the girl’s question with, “Because the tastebuds for sweetness are on the tip of the tongue, and not the back of the throat.”

^ that’s pure gold!

hahah made my day.

This has been a well-known joke for about a decade now.

I hadn’t heard this joke, so thanks CvM for sharing it.

Rahul Roy sir - what is your take on this?

^ oh let me take a stab at that.

RR It was her fault because she clearly was indicating in some way that she was repressed and needed to be punished.