After passing the exam, she wrote a book and on the profile it states that she passed all 3 levels on the first try. Violation or not? How would one report it if its a violation.

are you a virign?

GIven that I have been on these forums for 8+ years, I think you know the answer.

Only 17 posts in 8+ years?

17 posts in 8+ years! Slow down man. To answer your question though, no it is not a violation because it is a statement of fact (assuming of course that it’s true). For it to be a violation, she would have to claim that she is more qualified than those who didn’t go 3/3.

I suppose you could also assume that she had the required work experience regarding the claimed earning of the CFA designation.


Who’da thunk? Taking the CFA exams, then writing a book based on what you read on AF would prove to be lucrative!

Not much of a poster, definitely visit the site on a regular basis.

Is “Rachel Bryant” edupristine’s pen name?

“The CFA Institute’s topic matrix explains which subjects carry heavier weights on each Level’s exam.” Like you need to pay $17.00 to know this.

“When a topic is making its last appearance, candidates usually find it to be one of the hardest subjects on the exam.” First, how do you know which topics are “retiring”? Second, they’re usually difficult because they’re extremely detail oriented and outdated (a la “BRICS in 2050”). Third, I’m not sure that this is even true.

“Some topics are weighted more heavily than others. The weightier topics have a bigger influence on your total score and therefore need extra attention.” Universially true in all exams in all places at all times.

“Give the larger and retiring topics more study time, but don’t skip the others.” Again, is this worth $17?

What a bombshell, edupristine isn’t Indian?!

On a serious note, 15 or so verified 5-star reviews isn’t bad, she’s at least made $255. Seems like there are a bunch of these books by new charterholders on amazon.



Unless she implies that that makes her a better analyst than someone who failed one or more exams.

^ What he said because that’s what I said.

I can get a new copy for $17.05, or a used one for $23.29!

Everyone who read my advice on how to prepare for the exams owes my $0.43.

“Direct Path to the CFA Charter: Savvy, Proven Strategies for Passing Your Chartered Financial Analyst Exams”

Why buy this book when itera can give you the information here for free? I guess this is squarely in the category of “motivational books written by hot chicks”.

If she’s a HCB, no violation.

If it’s a fugly, violation.

But can you legitimately claim that you’re the reason for that answer being correct?

(I can.)

yes. report her, make her lose the charter over something trival. u got that right attitude bro