VIP sections

I really did not know but yesterday, i saw a VIP section in my testing center. We had from A to G section and then VIP section. People in VIP section sat on a separated hall and i do not know what were they doing. Does CFAI offer luxurious, differential service for those who pay higher.

I hear they also had a massage service during the break.

After my exam they rolled in kegs to play CFA Beer Pong on all the tables.

No VIP In Philly they had a champagne room where the proctors gave lap dances and showed you how to “work your calculator” if you know what I mean. are you kidding?

Totally erased my memory after the test, if you catch my drift. Tried to enhance my IRR with some chick with fake tits at the bar, too bad her cost of equity was too high.

With fake t!ts it was probably cost of debt so you’d have to account for tax.

Positive IRR makes the chick with the fake ones seem like a good investment at the time. Then you find out she had an STD which= -NPV

This is all true, should have used the market value of her net worth instead of book value, she was probably over valued anyway since you could tell her “fun box” should be depreciated using double declining balance instead of SL+Salvage.

Better use P/BV in this situation, her cash flows were probably irregular

how about p/s? omgoodness im such a geeek. eeeeek!!!

CzarHC Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Better use P/BV in this situation, her cash flows > were probably irregular *shudder* yeah, her multiples seemed screwy, I think she probably has some cookie jar reserves for when the going gets tough you know? In any case, I think she had high management turnover.

I bet she would fail ethics

You can’t depreciate her. She must be tested annually for impairment. The STD will cause a writedown of her value. Under GAAP, even if the antibiotics cure the “impairment” the value may not be recovered. under IFRS she can recover her original value, but, like a used car, she can never go above the original value

I bet she has no goodwill

Or maybe her yield curve is flat.

From Nuppal’s description there was nothing flat up top

I guess I could’ve made it work through backdoor arrangements, however, I would have had to disclose it as usual AND infrequent…

I’d have through-putted that ass, off balance sheet naw mean?

I think the disproportion threw off OE+L=A Equation

You guys are such dorks…